Saturday, August 18, 2012


I am gonna activate the blog again. Whatever goes here, I guess, hopefully, more like my process, photoreference, and my sketch/thumbnails/rough I will not post to my deviantart or facebook.

I was doing some pencilling then I got bored.I decided to revisit my and my friends' old blog. Then I got this urge to revamp my character we did for the challenge more than 6 months ago. To refreshen your memory, here's the original character:
original post here

There you go, Bryce and Ava, in December 2011, my first quarter in SCAD. Fun to look at your old drawings, huh? Well, not so much :D. Anyway, last night I sat down and kinda doodled for a while --which would finally take my like 4 hours of kinda-finished-pencil. Here's what I came up with:

I looked at both of them last night and I couldn't help smiling. I remembered one night before I posted the original one in Winter Break; I didn't have the courage to do so until someone came over that night and insisted that I posted it anyway. Here's for you, friend! Have an awesome weekend!

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