Tuesday, December 6, 2011

create your superhero : bryce and ava

create your superhero - bryce and ava
okay. i promised i will post my previous ones. somehow, they remind me of something i avoid doing lately but whatever. so here they are, kinda lame, but i've tried lol:

bryce, 24
what is more powerful than information these days? bryce can download and or extract information, just by simply touch the devices. any information, data, memory, restored in the devices will be downloaded in a milisecond. he is not entirely the good guy because he does not give a damn about who's buying the information; he's selling it to the highest bidder. well, data, can't be just downloaded without storage. here is where ava comes in; he doesn't really care either how dangerous it is for ava to keep saving gigabytes of data and extracting them again.

ava, 18
she's a younger than bryce but her hair are all almost white due to the 'misuse" of her power. she is able to save, restore, and extract every bit of data transferred or downloaded by bryce easily BUT it costs her a lot: fatigue, severe migraine, and exhaustion. she knows exactly that bryce is with her just because of her ability. although their action endangers her life, she'd do everything for the man.


  1. Girl! I think these are pretty dang good!

  2. aww, morgan, thanks.. you're sweet :). but i think they don't turn out the way i want them to be so that's why i'm not so sure about these two :D. i wanna see youuurrrs lol