Friday, December 2, 2011



So finally it has come down to the man himself. the cape crusader, the dark knight! Batman is the story of a man obsessed with his past. vowing not to let what happened to him happen to anyone else. Batman can go from being your typical superhero fighting strange out-of-this-world menaces to being the most realistic guy out there fighting crime and corruption in a messed up city. I think that this range and the fact that he can be scary as hell and probably the only human not afraid to go toe to toe with boy scout superman is the reason why Batman is my favorite character ever.

my first sketch is of a more super heroic version of the character but for me Batman has always been about fear and how to use the night and the shadows as a weapon. For me Batman should always be a creature of shadows and shapes. Its probably the influence of Kelley Jones (whose comics were one of my first contacts with the comic book world) So, as a second sketch I posted the way I would probably portrait Batman if I ever draw a story about this amazing character (Drawing Batman is one of the most conflicting things I have come across. I'm always debating whether to draw him completely or just as a moving shadow striking fear into the criminals) For me Batman will always be about the cape and the cowl.

Well I think that's enough... Enjoy!


  1. Ooh, hawt damn I like these! Such a cool look. I hate you.