Tuesday, December 6, 2011

create your superhero : maxine and max

create your superhero - maxine and max
after a few desperate trials trying to do some "mainstream superhero" which failed sadly, i came up with this. i will still gonna post the previous sketches i tried to pull though, i was just not happy with them. anyway, here goes some background for the character and her sidekick :)

maxine, 10
she has the power to summon whatever characters -human, non human, or even creatures- from any books: comics, novel, graphics novels, etc. not just that, she also can summon any weapons, vehicles, props, you name it. the only problem is, she has to draw them fast enough to summon them. not so comfortable but even a hero has to have weakness.

max, 2
max is a siberian husky dog; he can communicate with maxine. he talks but only to her; he keeps quite most of the time. his endurance and agility are way above the best trained dogs and max is particularly strong too; he has this superdog power :D. he usually buys maxine time to draw whatever she needs to when they confront the bad guys. 

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