Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Copic Ivy

Stiff pose is stiff.

Sorry about the other hand, forgot about it, then ran out of time after rendering =/

Red Hot Vegetation

annnnd I'm all caught up! Blog version poison ivy- I agree with Jorge, not my favorite character but definitely one of the hottest character designs.

The Boy Wonder

Oh Dick Grayson, I just can never take you seriously...

More Catwoman

Annnnd another Catwoman to make up for my tardiness (no im not doing two robins also, i don't like him as much). This is drawn in the more main steam style, just to switch it up :).

Better late than never!!!

I'M SO BEHIND!!! im going to try to get these all uploaded today! sorry guys! Here is the first Catwoman- done blog style! She's one of my favorites, but dang shiny body suits are harder to draw than i thought. Yeeett another thing to work one.


Not one of my favorite characters but surely one of the sexiest. Miss Pamela Isley!

my poison

batweek - arkhamcity - poisonivi
ha! who doesn't want to draw sexy characters? i do. i love drawing sexy ladies; especially when they are bad and wicked. some people have problems about women being sexualized in comic books but i don't. i love the way they are actually "naked" with clothes lines and little folds here and there to "indicate" skin-tight-costume. i think the male characters suffer the same treatment but iron man LOL. 

i remember my first time drawing a sexy wicked female character. it was LADY DEATH when i was 17. wish i could scan it now. i left it in jakarta. too bad.

oh, in indonesia, it's already my mom's bday so i posted another sketch just for her. she is THE BEST MOM an artist can have; she keeps reminding me about my deadlines, helping me scanning everything, doing every nitpicky things i couldn't handle by myself, reminding me of my every meeting with my clients, going places to find me every piece of crafts i need for my exhibition, etc. THE BEST. PERIOD. i love you, mom, always.

just another CAT

batweek - arkhamcity - catwoman
i decided to scan it in anyway; i made this one after my first sketch. this one was done a bit faster than the first. i think i do need practice on dynamic poses and stuff. blagh.

Robin.. Who?

batwek - arkhamcity - robin
well, i've got to say that maybe robin is the least of my favorite characters in batman family BUT in arham city, the costume is just the coolest robin costume i've ever seen. i have to agree with jorge. after trying for more than 15 minutes, i came up with this. don't kill me yet. LOL.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Dick Grayson in my trademark sloppy-ass sketchy style.


This is the design for Robin for the Arkham City game. I think this is one of the coolest robin outfits I've seen.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh Mr Batman!

Also...I drew this. Because we all know the real reason Batman won't marry Catwoman is because she had too damn many cats. Most people don't know that he has terribly, terrible allergies!

Diamonds are a girls best friend.

Ahhh Miss Selina Kyle, you fine, foxy, feline! So after several attempts at Batman's infamous paramour I set the pen down and tried to think about what sort of woman would be a cat burglar and jewel thief...and for some reason, one of the famous scenes from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" came to mind. You know, that one where Holly Go Lightly is looking into the window of the jewelry store and all the pieces almost seem to be floating in front of her. It was then that things suddenly kind of clicked into place. What kind of woman would be a catburglar so beguiling that she could make Batman be fine with NOT arresting her at every turn.
Well, I imagine it would be someone like Holly, someone charming, intriguing, mysterious, and at the same time so unbelievably messed up, with such a chaotic life that you can't help but feel bad for them. I get the feeling that this kind of a catwoman wouldn't actually need to bust open windows, she'd probably just be able to charm any jeweler into dropping a gem in her pocket. I also get the feeling that a catwoman like that wouldn't be stealing gems because she wanted the money or the shear luxury of said items. She would really be stealing the kind of lifestyle that those things represent. She'd want to be looked at, admired, fauned over. The kind of woman wearing velvet and satin, with a glass of champagne in one hand and saphirres spilling over her collarbone. It's not the money she wants, it's that being looked at because you have that kind of money part she's after. The sad part is she's not stupid, she could easily come by that sort of lifestyle because of her own strengths and brains, but she comes from such a bizarre, tragic background that in her mind the only way to get what you want is the quick, dirty, illegal way. If you don't get it as fast as you can, you don't get it at all.
Blah, blah, blah...I like drawing fancy things.

Cat with battle damage

I hate my scanner.

Needs so much more time...


BATMAN WEEK everyone!! and to start: the lovely miss Selina Kyle! it's gonna be a good week.


Hi, y'all! So there went final week of Fall quarter without me being able to post ANYTHING! Shame on me! But this week, Jorge decided to give us all hell by doing the Batman: Arkham City. I have NEVER done any super or anti- hero character, besides a stupid sketch of Spiderman I did when I was 7, so we'll see. On Monday, we all gonna do Catwoman of our version. Let me be honest here, this sketch takes more than 15 minutes, mind you :D.

Have a great winter break to you all and have a great Monday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Because who doesn't want to be called Lioness?? (in the Knightly sense).

10 points to whoever guesses who this is (prior to reading on-ward)! This is Alanna from Tamora Pierce's books Song of the Lioness- which were the best things ever when i was younger (and lets not lie, i still want to be this chick). She disguised herself as a boy because she didn't want to be a lady and wanted to be a knight instead, so she can kick ass and have awesome adventures (=what i want my life to be). And she has magic powers.. and a talking cat... i think I'm sensing a theme here...

Swat Kats

So, I like cats, and I like airplanes and stuff

No brainer, right?


I didn't read many comics until later in life. But I did watch baywatch.

So here's David Hasselhoff drunk and eating a cheeseburger.

(Go youtube this, it'll ruin your day)

Monday, November 14, 2011

In the Name of the Moon

Despite the fact that Jorge threatens to ban me for putting this up, Sailor moon was for sure my number one childhood hero! She gets magic powers to kick ass and a talking cat! Not to mention shes the mother fuggin moon princess. Who doesn't want that in life??


This was definitely my number one favorite show when I was a kid. I had the toys, the coloring books and even dress up as Raphael for one Halloween. So here is my sketch of the heroes in a half shell!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

My one true love...

Is comics. I love all kinds of comics, from all over, about everything. I can't get enough, and it's always been that way (ask my friends back home, for real- i have a problem). And thats where all my time, money, and space goes. Comics- FOR LIFE <3.


Hi everyone. My name is Pan, and I have issues.

Also, I can't draw and I don't like comics. I don't even know why I'm here.

Ohhh right..the boobs...

don't judge me

yep, i grow up with "japanese-style-comic" -which is actually an understatement to "manga" because actually there's no specific way to describe "manga"-, tho i am not a big fan of animes. manga has hundred of styles from realistic to graphic. the only problem is, only a few or just the old-mainstream-japanese comics are available here - as happens in the rest of the world; i can go on and on and on about this. anyway, i've tried to tone it down since a few months ago before i start producing some bad manga stuff. but yeah, japanese-style-comic is my first love. :D


Done for the week! for our last issue we bring you our biggest issue WE ARE CRAZY ABOUT COMICS!! don't believe us? ask our parents, they've been trying to get us "professional" help for a long time.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


So for issue number 4 I'm going with the multiple personality disorder that everyone seems to notice in me. Anyway at least I will never be alone... right?... that's right Jorge I will never leave you... thanks...

Photo-What? I'm so confused...

Today's issue is ironic. I am REALLY horrible at using the computer. I had never even opened photoshop prior to entering art school. Point in fact, i had to get my friend Pan to help me put this image in here once i learned it wouldn't just "paste". Why am i so behind my generation :'(.

You Know Who you Look Just like???

This is my first issue! and it was supposed to be Issue #3 for yesterday, so I'll be adding another one up tonight.
I was told the other day (and not for the first time) that I bear an uncanny resemblance to Bella Swan from the Twilight movies. Who has two thumbs and needs a make-over? This girl.