Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Robin.. Who?

batwek - arkhamcity - robin
well, i've got to say that maybe robin is the least of my favorite characters in batman family BUT in arham city, the costume is just the coolest robin costume i've ever seen. i have to agree with jorge. after trying for more than 15 minutes, i came up with this. don't kill me yet. LOL.


  1. I think Robin started as a lame character but eventually found his place in the batman story. what they did with Dick Grayson becoming Nightwing, Jason Todd dying and Tim Drake whole concept of Batman needing a Robin I think is great. Now they have all this thing with Bruce son that I haven't actually read but eventually I will.

  2. i just hate the costume, jorge. although i think nightwing has one cool costume but and green and tights and a cape. the whole concept is cool but i think they need to change the basic costume of robin because it is so silly :p

  3. I think they are doing that. Robin is being portrayed more dark than before and, okay so I need to read more new issues because I'm way behind but, the costume has changed and the colors are mainly red, black and yellow. I think that's a cool color scheme for the character.