Monday, November 7, 2011

tiny violent asian woman

hi, all! how's your weekend? jorge decided a few days ago to call this week's theme: "ISSUES". i have no idea why he would do such online therapy but why not? i am not sure i have THAT much issues to face but we'll see ;).

anyway, i did the sketch for 15 minutes, addressing my first sentence when i first got to norris hall, scad, and had a pleasant chat with my fellow classmates. at one point, i said, "why don't we just shoot and kill someone? call it self-defense and you will getaway with it. that's what they do in america." all of my classmates looked at me in awe and one of them shouted, "that is so not true!"

i know that's not true lol; i just watch too much criminal minds, csi, law and order, etc. since that day on, people always think that i do have a gun though and think twice before upsetting me. *smirk*.

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