Wednesday, November 30, 2011

my poison

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ha! who doesn't want to draw sexy characters? i do. i love drawing sexy ladies; especially when they are bad and wicked. some people have problems about women being sexualized in comic books but i don't. i love the way they are actually "naked" with clothes lines and little folds here and there to "indicate" skin-tight-costume. i think the male characters suffer the same treatment but iron man LOL. 

i remember my first time drawing a sexy wicked female character. it was LADY DEATH when i was 17. wish i could scan it now. i left it in jakarta. too bad.

oh, in indonesia, it's already my mom's bday so i posted another sketch just for her. she is THE BEST MOM an artist can have; she keeps reminding me about my deadlines, helping me scanning everything, doing every nitpicky things i couldn't handle by myself, reminding me of my every meeting with my clients, going places to find me every piece of crafts i need for my exhibition, etc. THE BEST. PERIOD. i love you, mom, always.


  1. @Rie:

    whoaaa... I just "ngeh" that u had a new blog!

    Ooo, this is you & your classmates's blog? really nice artworks, and i also can follow your newest artwork too here :)

  2. hi, mamet. i just saw your comment lol. please do, my classmates are inspiring ;)