Wednesday, December 7, 2011

create your superhero : mr. shadow

create your superhero - mr. shadow
alrighty, here's my super-badass-villain for maxine and max! no, i don't think i'm gonna draw a villain for bryce and ava; i have stuff to do. i present:

mr. shadow (yea, yea, cheesy as hell :D)
he (or she??) is made out of darkness and shadow. he can appear anywhere; he can materialize when there's light because light casts shadow and he can easily embody when there's only darkness because that's what he is. tricky, eh? his only goal is to destroy all kind of happiness, joy, liveliness, comfort, felicity, amusement, or anything close to it -even the sound of laughter hurts him badly-, from the world. he hates every happy ending story so that's exactly how he starts. he plans to destroy all the heroes in every book he ever comes across.. he has power to call his dark minions, every antagonist you can think of and ever believe in -whether they are in folk stories or modern children storybook! 

i should say, dessert "sake" is the best drink to have when you're trying to do sketch like this lol :D

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