Thursday, December 8, 2011


Okay, so I'll try to bring myself up to date with the hero week. These here are the hero and his monkey sidekick. This is me trying to do fantasy storytelling and also is my way of paying tribute to all my favorite adventure cartoon heroes.

Meet Prince Oscar, Oz for shorts. He is the younger son of King Valtar, the wise and noble ruler of the mystical world of Lorna. Oz is a reckless and spoiled prince always doing what he wants and disobeying his father's commands. One day after entering the treasure chamber of the castle he discovered a pair of magical bracelets that transformed him into the vicious being known as Kaskar Lord of the Blades. Kaskar was a terrible menace to Lorna a long time ago but was defeated by King Valtar and his spirit confined to the Skull Bracelets. After barely defeating him again and returning Oz to his original form Valtar was forced to concealed his son new identity to the rest of the world. Also the bracelets apparently are attached to Oz wrists and nothing can take them off. Now whenever danger threatens Lorna, and against all of his fathers advises, Oz unleashes Kaskar and uses his power to defeat his fathers enemies while trying not to let loose the mass murderer once again.

Of course the only sidekick I could come up with was Bazu, a sort of weird spider monkey natural of Lorna. He is a funny and playful pet that sometimes gets into trouble due to his natural instinct to take what doesn't belong to him.

I will try to upload the Villain of this story later today. Hope you guys like it!

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